20 Feb 2013


This post is not about kids fashion. But this post is for mom and kids, and dads as well, for sure :)) I am not the one who usually writes my cooking stories, though I like to cook, but today I just could not resist. Here is my variant of "healthy" muffins for your breakfast or snack.

It's my first time that I tried to cook muffins. My little girl has been asking for them for weeks, but I do not like to buy that kind of stuff in grocery stores and normally I do not bake sweet things a lot, as I (and my husband) do not like to gain weight. After listening to the wishes of my little one, about a couple of weeks ago I even purchased silicone cups, but with the new summer collections arriving, working on the new online store web design, photos, looking for new brands etc etc etc, there was just no time for muffins. Until today! And they were success :))

I did not want to cook just simple muffins, I wanted them with something. I had fresh sweet strawberries that smelled so well every time I opened the fridge, so I thought, "how about strawberry muffins". I found the recipe at www.muffinrecipes.net/strawberry-muffins.html, but I changed some ingredients to make them more "healthy". So, my muffins were made of:

4 organic egg
3 cups (390 g) of whole wheat flour
fresh strawberries, I took all that I had, must be around 300 g
200 g of brown sugar instead of 2 cups of regular one (next time I will use 100 g, as we prefer less sweet)
I did not use walnuts, as it's indicated in the recipe
220 g of extra virgin olive oil (I used this converter to calculate how much is 1 cup: convert-to.com/549/cold-pressed-extra-virgin-olive-oil-with-nutrients-amounts-conversion.html)
1 tablespoon of cinnamon
1 teaspoon of baking powder
1 teaspoon of marine salt

Then I mixed everything as indicated at www.muffinrecipes.net/strawberry-muffins.html and baked. Here is the result:

Highly recommended! Easy and super yummy, confirmed by my daughter and husband, who could not wait till tomorrow morning and tasted them now. With that amount of ingredients I had 18 muffins.

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