19 Mar 2013

50 Euros Easter Giveaway at Children´s Boutique Kids&Chic.com

On March 22, 2013 we give away 50 euro gift card to shop in our online kids boutique Kids&Chic.com (www.kidsandchic.com) that offers kids clothing, baby accessories, gifts, toys from the best European brands including TUC TUC, BÓBOLI, ELLE and more.

50 euros gift card to shop children´s clothes and toys

To participate in the giveaway you need to:
1. Join our event on Facebook
2. Invite your friends to join the event as well
3. Share the information about the giveaway on your Facebook wall
4. LIKE Kids&Chic.com official Facebook page if you haven´t done it yet.

We accept participants from any country as Kids&Chic.com ship internationally

The winner will be selected among all the event visitors who followed all the steps to enter in the giveaway on mid-day March 22, 2013 using the RandomPicker. Happy Easter!

7 Mar 2013

10% discount on all kids clothes and accessories! Happy Women´s Days from Kids&Chic.com

Spring is a great season and all spring holidays have something special about them. International Women´s Day (8th of March) is celebrated in some countries like Russia when it´s even a day off and all men are in a rush buying flowers and gifts for their ladies. In other countries people do not give it any importance at all. But I remember one year when I was going to work here in Barcelona, at the entrance to our office building there was a woman from some social organization giving out a flower to every woman who was entering. It was quite a surprise, a good one :) It made my day and the day of all other girls and ladies who worked in our building, there was immediately something special about that day.

Definitely, I can not give a flower to every woman who visits my online kids clothing store, but I can offer 10% discount on everything that you want to buy today and tomorrow! I hope this little present will make your Women´s Day a bit special :)) Enjoy this discount and shop now new children´s summer collections from Tuc Tuc and Bóboli, as well as baby gifts and toys that are brand new in our store. 10% discount is even applicable to Clothing Outlet where all items are already discounted by 50%.

Use the code 8MARCH at checkout. Happy Women´s Day!