17 May 2013

What To Get For A Newborn Baby

When it comes to the moment that someone in your family or your friend is expecting a baby and you need to prepare a baby gift, there are a lot of questions in your head and the major one is  "What to get for a newborn baby?" If you have kids yourself - great! Then you know what a new mom will need and you can buy something useful, good quality, something that you used yourself from the brand that you discovered when your own child was born. But if not? 

Have a look at our suggestions. Being parents ouselves, we discovered and tested a lot of products before starting to offer them in our store. Below we will talk about the products that are our bestsellers for baby gifts and the products that we personally recommend.

Tuc Tuc baby toys are something that you really should not miss out. Cute design, bright colors, soft materials - kids love their toys and so do their parents. Our recommendation is the Soft activity owl that is made of different fabrics, includes a mirror, a teething ring, a rattle ring, sound paper. We are pretty sure that this cute owl will become very quickly the baby's best friend. And the tiny pocket with a baby owl will make this toy enjoyable to toddlers as well, as it implies all those mom-and-kid relations - mom owl and her baby owl.

If you want to add some special touch to your gift, check cotton babygrows from the Spanish brand Calamaro that you can personalize. The babygrow comes in the box with an embroidery set, and you can embroider the baby's name on the chestplate, or even how much you love him or her. This will be the trully original gift with the personal touch. Babygrows are made of the finest cotton and are available in classic colors - light blue, pink and ivory. 

If you prefer something less classic and want to add some fun to your gift, check the Elefants collection for newborn from the Spanish brand Bóboli. Bright colors, elephant theme so much loved by many moms, both boys and girls styles and a variety of products will help you to create a gift set that will be greatly appreciated. 

If you look for something high quality, with good presentation but a bit more economic, just check directly baby socks from the Spanish manufacturer Clarín. We offer their classic and special occasions socks and tights and you can creat a gift set of different socks styles and sizes that come in beautiful gift boxes. Believe us, babies do need socks and any mom will welcome them as a gift. 

And also let´s not forget about moms. We have a great range of stylish and trendy accessories that match perfectly other products from the same brands and collections. Have a look at this gorgeous mom´s bag that has a lot of inside pockets and adjustable straps to organize all the baby stuff, includes a changing mat and can be teamed perfectly with baby outfits and pushchair accessories from Mr & Miss Puppet collection by Tuc Tuc.

You are invited to browse our Baby Department, as you will definitely find there something unique for the baby gift. We ship internationally from Barcelona, Spain almost to any country in the world. If you have any special request, just contact us or leave a message in the comments when placing your order. We will do our best to deliver great service. 

If you would like to order some specific item from the brands that we carry, but you do not see it in our store or the size is no longer available, make sure to get in touch with us. Kids&Chic.com is the official online retailer of all the brands that we sell, and we will be more than happy to contact them and get for you the baby things that you need.