27 Sep 2015


New Autumn/Winter 2015 - 2016 collections from the Spanish brand Tuc Tuc have landed in our designer children's boutique Kids&Chic.com and Kingdom is one of them!

Girls Dresses - Tuc Tuc Kingdom

Girls' dresses are as usual chic and unique. Tuc Tuc designers created a very sweet collection for little princesses combining the best fashion trends of this season. Magic prints, appliques, elaborated embroidery more than ever underline the meaning of the collection name - Kingdom!

Girls Dress - Tuc Tuc Kingdom
Tuc Tuc Girls Dress - Kingdom

Tuc Tuc Girls Knitted Dress - Kingdom
Girls Knitted Dress - Tuc Tuc Kingdom

We invite you to have a look at all the girls' dresses that are available in our online boutique: www.kidsandchic.com/girl/girl-products/girl-dresses

Girls Tights - Tuc Tuc Kingdom

Girls tights as always match perfectly all the clothing with the corresponding collection. Team these tights either with dresses or with tops and skirts to create adorable outfits for your little princess. The tights come in the pack of two - one in plain color and another - with some cute collection print.

Girls Tights - Tuc Tuc Kingdom
Tuc Tuc Kingdom Girls Tights - 2-Pack
 Check the whole selection of girls tights at www.kidsandchic.com/girl/girl-products/girl-socks-tights

Girls Tops - Tuc Tuc Kingdom

In Kingdom collection you can find both bright fuchsia tops with a girly print and more "serious" turtlenecks in subtle beige melange. Just make your choice! Team the tops either with Tuc Tuc Kingdom floral balloon skirt or with any other skirt or trousers that you can find at www.kidsandchic.com for a cute autumn outfit for your girl.
Tuc Tuc Girls Fuchsia Top - Kingdom
Girls Fuchsia Top - Tuc Tuc Kingdom 

 Girls Mock Turtleneck - Tuc Tuc Kingdom
Tuc Tuc Girls Mock Turtleneck - Kingdom
 Shop all girls tops at www.kidsandchic.com/girl/girl-products/girl-t-shirts-tops

Girls Skirts - Tuc Tuc Kingdom

This gorgeous skirt stands out due to 3 things: great balloon cut, bright colorful print and ultra-soft fabric. This is the signature Tuc Tuc design and print that is present every season. Team this skirt with one of Tuc Tuc Kingdom tops and you will see how awesome the outfit is!
Tuc Tuc Girls Floral Balloon Skirt - Kingdom
Girls Floral Balloon Skirt - Tuc Tuc Kingdom

Check out all girls' skirts at www.kidsandchic.com/girl/girl-products/girl-skirts

Girls Knit Sweaters - Tuc Tuc Kingdom

Button down knit sweater is just the must for this chilly season. This beautiful striped sweater in typical autumn colors is the perfect addition to any girls outfit.

Girls Striped Knitted Sweater - Tuc Tuc Kingdom
Tuc Tuc Girls Striped Knitted Sweater - Kingdom

Shop all sweaters for girls at www.kidsandchic.com/girl/girl-products/girl-cardigans-sweaters

Girls Accessories - Tuc Tuc Kingdom

Soft and colorful, this winter girls neck warmer is another trendy must have from the Spanish brand Tuc Tuc.

Girls Winter Fleece Neck Warmer - Tuc Tuc Kingdom
Girls Winter Fleece Neck Warmer - Tuc Tuc Kingdom
Shop more accessories for girls at www.kidsandchic.com/girl/girl-products/girl-accessories

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